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Life In The London Cycle Lane

Life In The London Cycle Lane

2013 spelt quite a difficult year for cyclists in London, with much controversy surrounding the streets of London and the safety of its cyclists. The team of experts at Lawyers Rehabilitation Services put together this great infographic highlighting some of the challenges that cycling commuters face every day. Take a look for yourself:

The statistics:

  • A SkyCycle has been proposed which will follow existing suburban rail services. This will provide 220km of safe, car-free cycle routes to the public and will have 200 easily accessible entry points across London.
  • 63% of cyclists will cycle on a pavement to avoid dangerous roads and junctions
  • 12% of cyclists will jump a red light at some point during the day
  • £1 billion – that’s the commitment that has been made to cycling over the next ten years
  • 64% of vehicles on London roads during morning peak times of 7-10am are bicycles
  • 9,300 – that’s the amount of riders that cross London Bridge each and every day
  • There were 14 cyclists killed on London roads in 2013
  • 500,000 – that’s the average amount of Boris Bikes hired every month (figure from 2013)
  • If a mere 14% of journeys were cycled instead of driven, this would reduce harmful vehicle emissions by almost a third.
  • 75% of fatal and serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas
  • 80% of accidents involving cyclists occur in daylight
  • Almost a quarter of cyclists killed or injured on London roads are children
  • 40% of cycling injuries are arm injuries and 25% are leg injuries

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